Results & Benefits : What can I expect?

1. Microcurrent therapy is anti-aging because it increases circulation of blood flow and nutrients to the cells and muscles.
2. Is very effective for lymphatic drainage, which helps to restore natural healthier cellular processes and therefore improves how the skin functions.
3. Gently stimulates the facial muscles.
4. Firms and tones the muscle fiber and increases collagen and elastin.
5. Gives a radiant and redefined more youthful, natural complexion.
6. Increases skin hydration by forcing solutions deep into the skin.
7. Reduce, scar tissue, blemishes pigmentation marks and stretch marks.
8. Strengthens skin texture and natural elasticity.
9. Shrinks pore size
10. Reduces dark circles puffiness and under the eyes
11. Detoxifies the Skin
12. Promotes collagen growth, preventing skin from getting thinner and looser.
13. Increases oxygen and nourishment to the skin tissue.
14. No negative side effects.
15. Painless, immediate results can be seen and with No down-time.
16. Tones and lifts the jaw, eyes, neck, arms, stomach, thighs, legs and many other parts of the body.
17 Helps to heal acne.
18. Lifts the eyebrows.
19. The muscle tone and hydration of the skin is increased by deeply penetrating deep, underlying muscles which support and strengthen the surface layer of the muscles under the skin.
20. Increases Circulation



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