Provincial First-Class Course of Advanced Mathematics

Advanced mathematics is the basis of modern mathematics and a compulsory course for students majoring in science and engineering. The teaching of this course helps students master mathematical ideas and methods, cultivate students' abstract thinking ability, logical reasoning ability and spatial imagination ability, cultivate students' ability to analyze and solve problems, improve students' innovation ability, and lay a good foundation for the study of subsequent courses.

After years of hard construction, the course of advanced mathematics in our university was rated as the first-class online and offline mixed undergraduate course in Henan Province in 2020. The course is presided over by Professor Jianlin Zhang of our college, and completed with the participation of higher mathematics teaching department and relevant backbone teachers. According to the general requirements of professional talent training and curriculum construction outline, the course has carried out a comprehensive reform and exploration from the aspects of teaching concept, teaching outline, teaching content, teaching mode, teaching means, assessment methods and so on. The curriculum fully complies with the transformation and development of the main body of teaching, teaching resources and teaching media in the Internet plus era, and realizes complementary advantages and forms a new teaching mode of "student centered". Relying on the self-built MOOC course platform, strengthen the construction of network resources, including guidance, lecture notes, lecture PPT, teaching videos, exercises, self-test questions, application cases, question bank, homework bank, test paper bank, etc. And, we carry out the reform practice of online and offline mixed teaching mode, focusing on teaching from traditional teaching, change to an interactive teaching method dominated by students. Students are required to use online resources for independent preview and review, conduct online tests in class, understand students' mastery in real time, increase online tests, and conduct process supervision on students. At the same time, we will continue to tap excellent online teaching resources in teaching, promote the reform of flipped classroom, case-based teaching, curriculum thinking and politics, and constantly improve students' enthusiasm for autonomous learning. Over the years, Professor Zhang has led the team members to continuously explore and practice, strived to improve the quality and effect of curriculum construction, and promoted the in-depth integration of information technology and education and teaching. In recent years, the teachers participating in the construction have also significantly improved their teaching level. Many people have won the awards of national and provincial teaching competitions and the honorary title of "teaching model in Henan Province", presided over or participated in more than 20 teaching reform projects at all levels, and published more than 10 relevant teaching reform papers. In the future, we will continue to take the first-class undergraduate curriculum as the guide, give full play to its demonstration and driving role, constantly deepen the reform, and make unremitting efforts to comprehensively improve the curriculum construction level and talent training quality of the University!