The online and offline hybrid first-class undergraduate course in Henan province --《College Physics》

The course of College Physics has been opened for more than 30 years in Zhongyuan University of Technology. In 1987, the Physics Teaching and Research Office formulated the course outline and opened the course of College Physics. In 1997, College Physics was awarded as an excellent course in Henan Province. The online construction of College Physics began in 2016 and passed the acceptance of Zhongyuan University of Technology in 2017. In 2018, College Physics won the first prize of teaching achievements of Zhongyuan University of Technology. Over the years, all the teachers of the College physics curriculum group have been committed to the research and practice of College Physics teaching reform, and constantly improving the teaching effect of the College Physics course.

Since 2019, the College Physics course has entered a stage of rapid development. In terms of the construction of teachers, the course group has a teaching team with reasonable academic background and professional title structure, including 29 full-time teachers, 14 senior titles, 23 PhDs, 2 academic leaders, and 18 young and middle-aged teachers under the age of 40, accounting for 62.1%. In terms of curriculum construction, in 2019 the curriculum group comprehensively revised the teaching syllabus according to the "Engineering Education Certification Concept" to provide institutional guarantee for standardized teaching. In the same year, the College Physics Course Group was awarded as the excellent grass-roots teaching organization in Henan Province, and the teaching Party branch of the Physics Experimental Center was rated as the national model Party branch. In 2020, College Physics won many honors, such as the ideological and Political Model course in Henan Province and the first prize in the excellent online teaching courses in undergraduate education in Henan Province. In 2021, the course of College Physics was approved as an online and offline hybrid first-class undergraduate course in Henan Province, and the course quality and talent training effect have been greatly improved.

Next, the College Physics course will further deepen the reform of ideological politics, rich curriculum teaching resources, explore modern teaching mode and build multi-dimensional assessment system, give full play to the advantages of modern teaching (the "online teaching", "wisdom classroom" and "Internet +"), which will truly improve students’ gain in knowledge, ability and emotion.